Bing Places For Business

Adding your Business to Bing Places

Bing Places is a key staple to the overall success of your business and being found locally.  In order to succeed in business, people need to first find your business.  Your business should be easy to locate online and provide accurate information and pictures.

Bing Places Example

Getting your business on Bing Places is user friendly and easy to accomplish!

Step 1. Go to Bing Places and “Get Started”

The first thing you need to do is look for your business.  If your business is not located on the maps, type in your business information and go through the process of adding all details

Step 2. Verification

Once you have gone through the process of adding all necessary information on your business you will be prompted with Bing Places saying they will mail you a postcard.  It is extremely important to look for this post card in the mail.  Typical this takes anywhere from one to two weeks to arrive and will have a six digit pin number.  Enter that Pin here.

Step 3. Keep updating your business!

A big part of making sure your clients can find you and relevant information on your business is to make sure you are adding new photos regularly, updating holiday hours, etc.  Not only does this make your prospective customers experience better, it will help with your overall SEO for your business.


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